Excellent Durability Polyethylene Plastic Cooler Box

Product Features Smooth, curved surfaces, strong proven design, heavy duty use Excellent temperature consistency helps keep product cold up to five days when properly iced Optional drain outlets. An insulated lid. Top Quality Polyethylene & Polyurethane materials Stackable with lid on or off...

Product Details



1. One piece, roto-molded polyethylene construction is extremelydurable.
2. Food grade material with safety guarantee for usage, eco-friendly, non-fading, UV resistant. 
3. Thick polyurethane foam throughout the cooler body provides superior insulation.
4. Freezer-style sealing gasket locks in the cold.
5. Durable Stainless steel latches on the front could be used even longer.
6. Full length, self-stopping hinge can’t hyper-extend and break.
7. Pad lock holes are molded into cooler body and lid.
8. Non-slip, non-marking rubber feet keep the coolers standstill.



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