Insulated Fishing Hunting Cooler Ice Chest

Product Features Smooth, curved surfaces, strong proven design, heavy duty use Excellent temperature consistency helps keep product cold up to five days when properly iced Optional drain outlets. An insulated lid. Top Quality Polyethylene & Polyurethane materials Stackable with lid on or off...

Product Details

Insulated fish containers

The main functions of an insulated fish container on board canoes and small fishing vessels are:

to make handling easier (by reducing the handling frequency of individual fish) and protect the fish from the risk of physical damage;

to maintain fish quality, by ensuring adequate chilling and low ice-meltage rates as a result of reduced heat infiltration through container walls;

to improve fish-handling practices and so lead to better quality fish being landed, making longer fishing trips and better fish prices possible for fishermen.

The effectiveness of insulated containers in reducing ice melting is an important criterion in the evaluation and selection of such containers. It is more likely that the advantages that insulated containers offer will be fully appreciated by smallscale fishermen in tropical climates where ice meltage rates are much higher than in cold or temperate climates.


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