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Car and car modification

Nov 29, 2017

After experiencing a slow growth of less than 5% in two years , China's auto sales growth rate reached 13.9% in 2013 , returning to double-digit growth. Annual sales reached 21.98 million. With more and more manufacturers in China's auto market and new brands and models emerging constantly, annual sales of single-model vehicles have been declining year by year, resulting in a smaller and smaller unit production of some vehicle parts. The use of the original blow Plastic, injection molding and other production processes lost the economy, which for the rotational molding process into the automotive industry opened the window.

With the new generation of people on the continuous improvement of individual requirements, gave birth to people's car modification needs, the Chinese conversion industry, mainly in Beijing, Shanghai and some cities in Guangdong, these first-tier cities, has formed a certain car Refit the industry gathered. According to related statistics, 2002 , China's auto industry output value converted only billion by 2008 in 10 months, years output expanded five-fold, rising to 25 billion yuan; 2007 , China's car market has converted 1315 about one hundred million yuan capacity It is estimated that by 2015 , with the enhancement of car owners' willingness to enhance the maturity of their vehicles and their individualized demand, the liberalization of policies will lead to a market blowout of 14 billion yuan.