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Dec 04, 2017

With the rapid social and economic growth in our country and the continual and rapid improvement of people's living standard, people's living style and consumption style are also getting higher and higher. Pursuit of fashion, quality, personality, enjoy a low-carbon green life, has gradually become the mainstream of public life, people living, working, leisure and environmental requirements are also getting higher and higher. However, the current domestic living environment is not optimistic. For example, most of building materials, furniture products and decorative materials used for living rooms and office buildings contain harmful substances that exceed or exceed the standards. The slow release of these harmful substances has caused the indoor pollution to worsen. The space has almost become a "poison gas laboratory."  

        Fashion trends are always changing, but the years of washing, the furniture trend also changes, various styles of different styles, but the same with the trend of the law is that there are always in the dazzling array of furniture in the ocean , No exaggerated colors, no complicated features, but people move at heart, which is the rotational molding furniture.

       The timely appearance of rotomolding furniture not only meets the characteristic demand of people, such as pursuing fashion, paying attention to quality and advocating individuality, but also has no air and environmental pollution in rotomolding furniture products and eliminates people's fear of indoor gas.

       Rotunda furniture products covered are: beach baths, public swimming pools, leisure clubs, KTV , bars, slow roll it, furniture, bedrooms, hotels, the company front desk, cafes and so on.

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