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How to Save Energy for Rotomolding Machine

Aug 24, 2017

1.Reduce the gas thermal convection

The gas thermal convection is a major way of heat dissipation, for the sealed rotomolding machine it has little impact. For the swing rotomolding machine, the mold is exposure to the air, the mold can emit heat freely without limitation, and most of the heat is leak into the air. When using the swing rotomolding machine, manufacturers can use the insulation cover to seal the mold in the machine, and cut off the contact with the gas so that can prevent the gas thermal convection.

2. Reduce the thermal radiation

The thermal radiation is proportional to the temperature of objects, namely, when the higher temperature is, the faster thermal radiation will be.Reduce the temperature of incubator which can reduce the thermal radiation. The mold in the sewing rotomolding machine can emit heat without limitations, there will be considerable amount energy will leak through thermal radiation. Manufacturers can use the insulation cover to seal the mold in the rotomolding machine which can prevent the thermal radiation.

3. Reduce solid thermal conduction

The heat transfer is proportional to the density and area of media, namely, when the media has lager area or higher density; the thermal conduction will be faster. The density is related to the material. The steel has a large density which is a wonderful conductor of heat. The major material of rotomolding machine is steel. In order to reduce the thermal conduction, manufacturers can use the heat preservation cover and decrease the area of steel.

4. Prevent the prolonged heating time 

During processing, rotomolding manufacturers can only decide the time for ending the processing through observation and experience. In order to prevent the incomplete plasticization, most of manufacturers have to prolong the heating time and sometimes it will cause the overheating. As a matter of fact, the temperature of mold can represent the degree of plasticization,manufacturers can use professional device to measure the temperature of mold which can prevent heating for prolong.

5.Prevent heating for over temperature

In recent yeas, some manufacturers applied the method of infrared temperature measurement. Due to the influence of hot air, the temperature deviation is great. The molds contact with the air, therefore the influence is more obvious. The rotomolding machine with incubator can control and measure the temperature precisely so it’s seldom heat rotomolding products for over high temperature.