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The anti-ultraviolet ability of Rotomolding plastic special material

Jan 03, 2018

Uv characteristics:

All long-term exposure to the sun's PE is prone to degradation.The physical change of PE degradation is caused by the exposure of PE to UV (UV).

Exposure to PE changes in ultraviolet light:

Ultraviolet light changes the physical properties of PE, and it forms free radicals by playing PE carbon and c-h bonds, turning PE into shorter ones molecules that form molecules that are more fragile.The oxygen then comes into contact with these fracture positions, causing the PE to accelerate degradation further the oxide PE of the structure such as carbonyl and carboxyl group.

 We use the accelerated aging test apparatus are ROTOUN  rotomolding special material weatherability evaluation.This tester can best simulate nature
Light and ultraviolet bands, using xenon arc lamps with internal and external filters, meet ASTM G2565 standard.
Irradiance is a measure of the intensity of uv light, usually by a specific wavelength of watt per square metre
The determination.The standard is 0.35 watts/m2 or 340 nm (nm).
Exposure temperature is also important because the higher the temperature, the better the degradation.A substrate sample may change the actual sample temperature.
For this reason, the sample we tested is not using a substrate.