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What is dumbbell?

Jul 12, 2018

Define of Dumbbell

Dumbbells are simple equipment used to strengthen muscle strength training.

Its main material is cast iron, some of which is covered with rubber.

It is used for muscle strength training, muscle complex movement training.Patients with low muscle strength due to sports paralysis, pain and chronic inactivity, hold dumbbells and use the weight of dumbbells for resistance active exercises to train muscle strength.

Dumbbells train a single muscle.For weight gain, it requires coordination of multiple muscles and can also be used as a muscle combination exercise.

An auxiliary equipment for lifting weights and exercising.There are fixed weight and adjustable weight.And we have a fixed weight dumbbell.Cast with cast iron, iron rods in the middle and solid balls at both ends.Potassium can adjust the dumbbell.Similar to a reduced barbell, round pieces of iron with varying weights are placed on each end of a short iron bar, about 40 to 45 centimeters in length, which can increase or decrease weight during weight lifting or exercise.Often do dumbbell exercise, can strengthen the muscle strength of each part of the body.


In addition to iron dumbbells, there are also wooden or plastic dumbbells.When practicing, use wooden dumbbells or plastic dumbbells to knock, cultivate the harmony and rhythm of the trainees.Also can make wooden dumbbells into a complete set of gymnastic performance.

Using dumbbells scientifically is a good exercise.Material says, in those days Schwarzenegger a bodybuilding muscle, mainly through dumbbells and exercise.But a lot of people use dumbbells to exercise hind, did not increase strength already, also did not become healthy and handsome, regular meeting this is dispirited, dumbbells also be put on the shelf, become the substitute of hammer even.As a matter of fact, dumbbells are very knowledgeable.If not carried out, the effect of exercise is often disappointing.


The dumbbell material

Materials: rubber, plastic, electroplating and baking paint

The colloidal volume is a little bit larger, and when you practice a heavy weight dumbbells are too big for you to move.But the advantage is not to break the floor, downstairs will not come up to scold you, quack.Choose wrapping glue dumbbells pay attention to smell, too much flavor said gelatin is not good, easy to drop slag, inside is not a package of iron sheet is also worthy of suspicion.

Generally, large weight does not choose to be immersed in plastic, the facade is easy to rust, the small weight of the bump when the pressure is small, the rubber is less likely to be damaged, the weight is different.

Plating is similar to the lacquer that bake, small volume, is not easy to rust, even knock against rust, also limits in the spot, not the whole rust bad, but is not careful easily broken at the floor.Actually this kind of dumbbells should pay attention to the time when choose and buy to look do STH.

Rotomolding Dumbbell