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What is plastic water tank?

Sep 05, 2018

Plastic water tank includes plastic water tower, plastic containers, plastic drums, plastic square boxes and other large plastic containers, plastic water tank is mainly made of new special roller raw materials of high concentration polyethylene.


General LLDPE raw materials have the characteristics of environmental protection, acid and alkali resistance and high and low temperature resistance. The plastic water tank made by LLDPE can reach food grade.


Large water storage tanks for the production of rolling plastic, a molding. Such as plastic water tank, plastic fishing boat, plastic wine cylinder, PE medicine box, plastic storage tank, plastic round barrel, aquaculture square box and other large plastic products, product wall thickness, high durability, product size relatively large.  Production is time-consuming.The individual is huge.


Blow-moulding main production: chemical drums, oil drums and other plastic products, wall thickness, and size, relative to plastic products, are relatively small. The price is reasonable. Mass production.


Range of application

1. Auxiliary equipment for secondary water supply, water storage and water treatment and purification of high-rise buildings. Forest and mountain forest type water storage.

2. Storage and transportation of electronic industry, industrial cooling water, chemical preparations, chemical raw materials, various oil products and drinks.

Plastic Water Tank