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What is the purpose of plastic water cans?

Oct 11, 2018

Including plastic watering can, plastic containers, plastic drums, plastic square boxes and other large plastic containers, plastic water tanks are mainly made of new special rotomoulding raw materials high-concentration polyethylene.


The general lldpe raw materials are environmentally friendly, acid and alkali resistant, and resistant to high and low temperatures. Lldpe plastic water tanks can reach food grade.


Large plastic water tanks are mostly rotomolded production methods, one molding. Such as plastic water tanks, plastic fishing boats, plastic wine tanks, pe plus medicine boxes, plastic storage tanks, plastic drums, aquatic square boxes and other large plastic products, the product has large wall thickness, high durability and relatively large product size. Production is time consuming. The individual is huge.


The plastic water tank is smooth inside and outside, has good hygienic and anti-ultraviolet ability, impact resistance, strong earthquake resistance, not easy to aging, not long algae, easy to rinse, anti-rat, anti-termite, easy to install and move. The general acid and alkali resistant water tank can hold high temperature liquids, chemicals, and strong acid and alkali liquids. Generally can withstand 90 degrees high temperature, the lowest can withstand minus 30 degrees low temperature. After adding the formula, the temperature can be above 110 degrees.

plastic water cans