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Floating Pontoon

Dec 17, 2017

Basically, no maintenance. Whether it is deep water and shallow water, water water, salt water to fresh water, cold water hot water, water purification sewage, almost as long as there is water, can make the best use of the buoy. The buoy is composed of all kinds of products have, with countless changes freely combined into various shapes, installation and disassembly is simple and fast, environmentally friendly, lightweight, safe and stable characteristics, 100% free maintenance etc..

Floating on the surface of the metal tube is sealed with the lower part of the fixed anchor, used for mooring or navigation, etc.. In addition there is a new type of float, made of tough materials such as polyethylene, has good anti weathering and anti impact destruction, anti ultraviolet, antifreeze, anti water oil chemical erosion. It can rise and fall automatically as the water tide rises and down. Construction of floating platform projects, such as floating bridge, floating dock and so on.