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Rotomolding Bring Innovation To Furniture Industry

Dec 25, 2018

Rotomolding bringing innovation to the 

furniture industry

The furniture market has been in constant growth since 2017, moving around US$ 425 billion worldwide, according to Csil Report 2018. In this scenario, the Asian continent is highlighted. Only China, for example, accounts for 29% of world consumption. The USA, with 20%, Germany with 8% and India with 5%, are also countries with a strong furniture consumer market.

When we talk about production, the numbers are similar, with China producing 39% of the world’s sum. Other countries that excel in furniture exports are Germany (8%), Italy (7%), Poland (7%) and Vietnam (6%). Countries such as Brazil reached, in 2017, US$ 650.5 million in exported furniture. In imports, USA, Germany and UK lead the figures, accounting for 28%, 10% and 6%, respectively.
Source: Csil Milano – Center for Industrial Studies (CSIL)

Rotomoulded furniture is the great novelty of the sector

In this promising market, furniture manufacturing through the rotational molding process has gained prominence, mainly due to the freedom of creation that plastic parts offer. The process allows you to create designs of varying sizes, from the most complex to the simplest, with different textures, geometries and colors.

The furniture manufactured by rotomolding also guarantees high durability and mechanical resistance, much used in outdoor areas such as leisure spaces, parks, swimming pools and etc.

Unusual creations

We sort some pieces of furniture designs produced through the rotational moulding process.

• Lamps with fun shapes.


• Diamond shaped benches, developed by Rodrigo Alonso designer.


• Chair with asymmetrical design, created by Fabio Novembre.


• Tulip shaped seat created by Marco Manders. The piece stands out for the ergonomic design, stainless base and rotomolded plastic body, ideal to be used in public places, ensuring resistance and easy cleaning.


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