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The Structure Of The Floating Pontoon

Jan 14, 2018

The field control structure of each group of buoys is made up and a group of buoys are divided into 2 buoys.

(sometimes it is divided into 3). The inner shape of each buoy block is matched with the outer diameter of the riser and the auxiliary tube.

The design phase of the buoy structure needs to be taken into consideration, with the following points as follows:

The 1. buoy shell is generally used as a whole mold, and then the foam material is injected into the package. Fiber reinforced material is generally used for surface materials, which has a very strong ability to prevent wear and impact. The hard surface of the buoy, made up of this material, can withstand water pressure in the deep water.

2. in some cases, in order to further increase the strength of the buoy block, the layer reinforcement network is added between the shell of the floating barrel block and the synthetic foam section.

3. in order to avoid the bending of the riser by gravity in the horizontal plane during the installation or lifting of the pipe

It is transmitted to the buoy, and in the inner circle of the buoy block, 2 flexible feet are designed consciously.

4. most of the buoy on two end designed sleeve, with one end of the sleeve design into Aoduan, designed to facilitate the end of Tuduan, the sleeve is installed, each float independently form a float on this auspicious, some operation is conducive to uniform buoyancy.

After finishing the 5. buoy block, in order to facilitate the pile ratio, the outer circumference of the buoy block is designed to be a plane.

6., the most important function of the buoy is to provide buoyancy for the risers in the water. Each buoy block must be fixed to a specific riser segment, and the shape of its inner groove must correspond to the actual structure of the riser.

7. to distinguish the buoys from different depths of water, the buoys are distinguished by different colors for [2].