Quality Military tool case/ Trunk

We use imported PE polymer materials and the most advanced rotational molding,a molding process technique.Make you a wonderful military trip with light and convenient equipment.

Product Details

military trunk


1,Use imported PE material, environmental non-toxic and tasteless, salt spray-resitant, corrosion-resistant.

2, Using a rotational molding process, durable.

3, The cabinet can be resistant to ultraviolet radiation, with a strong impact and pressure resistance.

4, About handle, plastic bag design, feel comfortable, reduce fatigue.

5, The box lock, handle, hinge, etc. are made of stainless steel, anti-rust.

6, Standard with egg sponge and cut sponge, enhance protection and easy to use.

7, Size, color can be customized.

 Our Plastic Products can resist wind and sand, hot, cold, rainstorms, bumpy roads, high altitude crashed attacks; has a strong impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance, cushioning, waterproof; moisture, UV, dust and corrosion resistances, floating life saving , fast exhibition, portability portable, durable, light, can keep temperature and other characteristics; in the jungle, desert, aviation, navigation, plateau and other harsh environments can ensure the integrity of the internal load of goods, use and reliability.

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