Surplus Military Cases

material:PE size:internal size:custom external size:custom wall thickness:custom shape:custom color:customdesign:custom price:according to details quality: Our cases are lightweight,durable,beat and seismic resisting,waterproof,moistureproof, UV resisting,nonpoisonous and tasteless, convenient to be carried.Our products passed FDA&FAA certtioificans in USA and CAA&QS certifications in China.

Product Details

Why choose rotational molding?

Advantages of  rotational molding is the design flexibility in combining several parts that required assembly in to one part. The roto-mold process offers consistent wall thickness and a virtually stress free parts.

  Rotational molded tools have a short lead-time getting produced and relativity lower costs the other plastic molding methods.

Advantages of Rotational Molding:

Design flexibility to meet specifications

Economic tooling costs. 

One-piece seamless construction

Metal inserts and fittings as integral parts

Uniform wall thickness

Resistance to corrosion

Ribs and cones for stiffening

Variety of colors and finishes


Excellent load-bearing properties

U.V. resistance

Molded-in graphics, such as logos, and embossing

Product longevity